E is for Enthusiasm

My mother says I was an enthusiastic kid.  I loved holidays or family-outings, and enjoyed involving myself in the planning process. Of course, that hasn’t really changed over the years.

When it comes to my interests and favourite things, I tend to exhibit and incorporate a lot of fervour. However, it doesn’t necessarily last for long. Sometimes it is easily extinguished by the lack of inspiration. At times, it could be my mood. Sometimes, the lack of participation from others (in a group activity) can douse it.

But there are ways to rekindle it. There are triggers.

My blog had been dormant for the past one year. This was owing to a lot of reasons, one of them being self-criticism. I was convinced that my writing skills had become jaded. I couldn’t look at my blog without feeling a twinge of disappointment, and of nostalgia for those nights devoted to filling up a virtual white box with words. The drafts folder became a dumping ground for partially worded memories, miserable attempts at humour, lackluster paragraphs about anxiety and apologies for having subjected this blog to neglect.

Last month, I found myself reading one of my favourite blogs after ages. I recall reading her posts from the blogging challenge of 2015.  The lucidity of her words infused me with warmth and her writing reflected her enthusiasm. I felt a spark. April was near. I knew I wanted to do this.

Choosing to write about my favourite things has reinforced my passion and motivation to resume an exercise that I had once begun (back in the summer of 2011) as an attempt to journal my thoughts. I know I bring out the best in me when I am zealous. It has always worked for me.

I love that about myself.

I like being in the company of enthusiastic people. My sister and I tend to produce tremendous music when we pool in our creative juices. I’d say we owe that to our enthusiasm. Our zest helps us in our quest for inspiration. Wow, that almost sounded lyrical.

I’d like to end by saying that moderation is the key to everything. (I just suddenly turned that around right?) Over-enthusiasm can be aggravating. But I’ll save that for another post. There’s a term for individuals who cross the limit – enthu cutlets. Go on, google it.

E is for Enthusiasm

My theme for the A-Z Blogging Challenge is ‘The A to Z of some my favourite things’. Stay tuned for more posts, this April!


  1. UpwardSpiral · April 6, 2017

    Lovely post! Self-criticism and fear of failure tend to stop me from doing so many things that I would just eventually get respectable at if I only had the courage to begin. Hope you can keep your enthusiasm up on the blog! Best wishes.


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