J is for juggling with tasks

Back home, waking up late did not upset my schedule drastically, thanks to uber flexible work hours, domestic help and simply the convenience of living with my parents. I didn’t have to worry about breakfast, or have my lunch prepped or ensure my clothes were laundered in time for Monday. These are banal yet important tasks that will consume time if managing the latter isn’t your forte. And to be honest, it still isn’t.

My fellow bloggers and readers who’ve been faithfully following my posts so far would have noticed by now that I am lagging in this challenge by a week. My initial gusto to write about my experiences in Auckland has fizzled out, and tedium seems to have set in. This is very characteristic of me – I tend to bite off more than I chew. But I also know that if I were to quit the challenge now, my decision will deter me from ever attempting it again in the future. And so I shall soldier on at my pace.

It was easier for me to get through with the A to Z challenge when I didn’t have to manage research, chores and a cat (more of that soon!). In simple words, adulthood did intrude into hours of respite and leisure. And writing isn’t the only thing I enjoy – I juggle with a myriad of hobbies that range from art to bouldering. Was taking up this challenge a bad idea after all?

Here’s to hopefully finishing it on time…


  1. Operation Awesome · April 23, 2021

    Good work on A to Z so far! Looks like you may have run out of steam…still, it’s cool that you participated and made it this far! Better to have done it than not.

    -Amren from Operation Awesome

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  2. galeriaredelius · April 24, 2021

    I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to take up a challenge! But perhaps a challenge doesn’t have to be black or white, to finish in time or not, to do it exactly the way you had planned it or not. I also see people who withdraw, and respect for that, because we know best ourselves where our limits are.
    Sounds like a good idea to “soldier on at your pace”!

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