V Day Poem by Anju

“I’m not one for roses or chocolate hearts
Heart-shaped balloons, teddies
Or greeting cards
Nor endless words suited for the occasion
Or a fancy date at a fantastic location
All I need
Is one look of that stupid grin
Etched on your face,
Or hear the random stuff
You usually say,

And that my dear,
Will make my day!

I wrote this randomly to this one friend, and I was amazed by my sudden burst of creativity!


I apologise for the miniscule illustration.

And urm..yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day.

How to get the ultimate Facebook profile picture. (Girls only. Period.)

  • Apply the crimson-est lipstick you own on your lips.
  • The ultimate gloss to get the succulent-juicy-lips look
  • Smear kajal/eyeliner/shadow above and below your eyes. It’s okay if you look like a racoon. (photo editing will take care of all the blemishes.)
  • Don’t forget the mascara.
  • Your flicks or bangs should cover one eye. Straightened.Yeah, in order to get the bandit-queen look.
  • Hold your camera/phone in one hand. Face the mirror. Or face your Macbook’s lens. If you own a DSLR, half your task has been accomplished. For real.
  • Pout your lips, raise your eyebrow(s) (optional) or narrow your eyes. Make sure you look your sexiest best.
  • Take a  picture.
  • If not satisfied with the first attempt, try umpteen times until you get the desired look.
  • Once you are satisfied, get to the crucial aspect of this process – Editing your picture.
  • Adjust the highlights, shadow/contrast. You could increase the saturation to acquire the unreal, dreamy look. Or probably fiddle with focal gray-scale, HDR, etc. If you are a Photoshop expert, use your skills to the fullest.
  • Edit, re-edit your picture until you are absolutely sure that it’s what you were aiming for.
  • Finally, upload it on Facebook.

    Plus point
    Assures a complete transformation from Plain Jane to Miss Sexybitch.

    Minus point
    It is virtual.

    Caution : May fetch you a bandwagon of admirers online, but they might change their minds on meeting you in real (unless your virtual and real avatar gel well together.)

    – An extract from “Fits of Boredom”

The sore feeling

*Cough Cough Cough*

I have fallen ill for the second time this year, and believe me, I feel like an immunity-less fragile being. I woke up at 4 A.M this morning, feeling warm and uneasy. One Crocin down and I crashed again. I woke up at 8 A.M again, feeling exhausted.

College? Nah. Too lazy. Too tired. Too zoned out.

I’m fucking annoyed with the dust and germ ridden cold air. Or maybe it’s the paint that’s being used to paint my building. The lining of my larynx feels tender, my fingers numb. I can hardly type.

I think I’m gonna sleep now.

*Cough Cough Cough*

Look at this photograph

And then when she saw his face, she melted.
Forgot her anger,the hurt, the complaints and the flaws.
The familiar smile and eyes.
It doesn’t matter really, she thought. Forget reality for a split second and gaze at the photo, his expression and feel the same thrill run down my spine.
But the foreboding sense of longing crept into her mind. The longing to visit the old days.
She cast it away.
Trying to forget the smile and eyes.

A sudden melancholy enveloping her.

"I won’t wait for you." says time.

I have my University exams coming up within the next two weeks, but I all want to do is blog.
What about blogging when I have all the time in the world?
No inspiration. No ideas. My vocabulary goes into hibernation as well.

But time is running out.
And I better get started.