C is for Chips 

As a kid, I had strict restrictions imposed on my consumption of junk food, thanks to my grandfather. This obviously meant that the menu for my snack box (for school) was usually devoid of Maggi (an Indian brand of noodles), samosas or cake, or wafers, or chips. Biscuits were considered occasionally. I was the kid with upma, poha, or sandwiches in her box, which meant my peers hardly hankered for it. The latter didn’t make me feel better as good food guaranteed traction and popularity back then. Talk about the beginnings of peer pressure.

I used to eye swaying packets of ‘Peppy’ and ‘Uncle Chipps’ hanging at the entrance of grocery stores. For the uninitiated, these are popular Indian brands of potato chips. The only times I would get my hands on them was when I stepped out with my mother. My mother and I share the same love for junk food. The only few times my grandfather would relent was if I scored well in academics, or when I injured myself while playing and began bawling. Ice-cream was a bonus in such circumstances.

Things have, however, changed since then. Buying a packet of chips is no big deal now. My mother is of the opinion that I am eat chips voraciously to make up for their absence in my childhood. It is true for the most part.

Chips have never failed me. They have been my loyal companions during times of stress. The burst of serotonin on popping the first one into my mouth is extraordinary. Crunching on chips is such a pleasant exercise that I find myself indulging in it at least once a week. I recall reading an article about them titled ‘We Hear the Crisp and Taste the Crunch’. Brilliant use of words. Of course, you must think I am quite obsessed to be reading such stuff. Who knows, I am already an addict.

Who would have thought that the mere combination of potatoes (or any other starchy vegetable), salt and oil would create such magic?

C is for Chips

My theme for the A-Z Blogging Challenge is ‘The A to Z of some my favourite things’. Stay tuned for more posts, this April!