It’s amazing how I remember every detail of the year 2009. The three years that have followed it are blurry and hazy with conspicuous empty patches, representing incidents I cannot recall, no matter how hard I rack my brains.That year brought about great changes in me. Call it a change in my personality and even physical appearance, but I felt confident, sunny and pretty.

I saw my school in a new light. Junior College seemed to be friendlier and warmer as compared to high school.

My first trip to the States.

My Facebook friend list increased in leaps and bounds.

I realised that dressing up and partying was actually fun. Yes, I started smearing eyeliner under my eyes. Smokey.

That year, I broke more than three pairs of glasses.

I realised I had indeed fallen in love with my city and Clover Heights, especially.

A beautiful Fender Squier came into my possession.

I realized that liking a guy comes with its share of thrill, estrogen and depression.

Tasted heartbreak for the first time.

Noticed changes in old friends.

Saw Death for the first time.

2009 was three years ago. I really miss it. With each passing year, it will go further behind. Milestone year. Definitely.


  1. Ghadeer · October 13, 2012

    That's funny. 2009 was a milestone year for me too. Actually, theee milestone. Lots of great and terrible life events happened to me, and I know it's made me who I am now.


  2. Anjali Krishna · October 19, 2012

    I totally agree. That year changed me indeed!


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